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House of Lenna Sloe Gin

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700ml 31.3% alc/vol

Distilled out of the House of Lenna Tasmanian copper pot sill, Our blend no. 3 uses local Tasmanian Sloe berries from the Derwent Valley. The berries have been macerated for 4-6 months using 5 individually distilled botanicals to create a vibrant smooth Sloe Gin.

Notes of rich tart plum, citrus and vanilla brings a fruit forward mouthfeel with lingering hints of juniper, creating this vibrant, rich in colour and easy drinking Sloe Gin.

The palate has a light creamy texture, with hints of fresh citrus peel and vanilla. To finish off, a layer of spice, marzipan and torched cinnamon, make this Sloe Gin the perfect sipper.

Enjoy neat, over ice or in your favourite cocktail.

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