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Ruby Port Cask/Muscatel Finish

$195.00 (inc. GST)

Our ‘Ruby’ Single Malt Whisky has been created from Ruby Port Casks BPD #111- 116 and back blended with previously dedicated port cask stock. It then sat in a muscatel barrel for six months to finish. Ruby Port / Muscatel Finish begins with the rich, oily texture that characterise the Battery Point spirit, it then mellows down to the delicate flavours of the casks it was matured in. Notes of dates, raisins and plums transition in to lighter notes of honey and stewed fruits, giving it a Christmas dessert styled finish. Complexity, maltiness, balance, harmony. Distilled by Jack Lark and blended by Louis Duckett, ‘Ruby’ is a combination of multiple ruby port casks. 53.8% abv

500ml 53.8%  alc/vol


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